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The Book of Daikoku

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Zeroth Edition, alpha00
Last Modified: Wednesday, 3 December 2014


Section One: Introduction

Article One This sutra "The Book of Daikoku" describes the religion called "Daikokism."
Article Two The title of this sutra "The Book of Daikoku," the name of the religion "Daikokism," and the name of the god "Daikoku" are named after the surname of the human Daikoku Manabu who is the author of this sutra.
Article Three Daikokism is the religion based upon the delusion which Daikoku Manabu had.

Section Two: Gods

Article One In Daikokism, the word "god" is defined "an entity which has free will, or which is a set of gods."
Article Two Spiritual entities have free will. Therefore, Spiritual entities are gods. And animals (including humans) which inhabit on the earth and which have evolved brains are entities which have free will, therefore they are gods.
Article Three There exist innumerable gods. Therefore, Daikokism is polytheism.

Section Three: Daikoku

Article One In Daikokism, the god defined "The set of all entities which have free will" is called "Daikoku."
Article Two There exists only one Daikoku. And any god is an element or a subset of Daikoku. In this meaning, Daikokism is monotheism.
Article Three Sometimes some spiritual entity, such as Mahakala and Ookuninushi, is called "Daikoku." But such an entity and the god called "Daikoku" in Daikokism are not the same. The relations between them are one that the formers are elements of the latter and one that both are called by the same name.

Section Four: Worlds

Article One All entities which really exist is in the world called "the real world." The real world is the one world which is selected in innumerable possible worlds and which is given reality.
Article Two "To have free will" and "to have ability to select a world from a subset of possible worlds given to oneself, and to give it reality" are the same meaning.
Article Three There is no accident, and any event occurs based upon free will of some god. Therefore, Daikoku is an entity who has ability to select one world from a set of all possible worlds and to give it reality.
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